cornetto macarons (by ingwervanille)

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went to daiso again ;_____________;

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Mochizou sleeping σ(≧ε≦o)

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Daytime Shooting Star  - ひるなかの流星

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Colorful Cartoon Pens from Keutokki || Discount Code: CHICKABIDDY

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haikyuu!! 30 day challenge

  • day 22: personality swap of your choice (between as many people as you want)

oh my god this was so weird to do is this even right i’m sorry 


Video Game Challenge: [2/7] female characters - Yuna
↳ “We had no choice.” Always “we had no choice.” Those are our magic words. We repeat them to ourselves again and again. But you know… The magic never worked! The only thing we’re left with is regret. No. I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want friends to die… or fade away. I don’t want battles where we have to lose in order to win. […] Give me your resolve. Believe in Yuna.

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