The Adventurer of Arland EditOriginal

Whoo, finally reviewing an Atelier game~ I’ve been waiting for this moment!! Please do play one of them, esp. the ones made for Playstation 3 are awesome. I myself jumped straight to Totori, but I’ve heard that the prequel Rorona’s amazing too.

Graphics & Art 9/10

This is actually quite a nice section to start from, since the thing that attracted me first was the art. I remember scrolling through a website when an ad of Meruru showed up.

The coloring, lines and style of anime/manga has always been one of my favorites, and after playing the game it feels even more precious. I can’t stop adoring how Totori’s outfit is made and colored, and the other characters’ outfits are all very original and mirror their personalities.

Battle system 7/10

I think my own personal tastes affect this one, but since I really sock at shooters, I love turn-based games. And especially I like the one Ateliers use, since even Final Fantasies ATB’s are such a pain.

I loved how I could see which monster I was targeting from the left bottom corner, which made it amusing to play strategically.

Story 6/10

Totori searching for her mother was generally speaking quite touching, but I was kinda neutral about it. Could be that I was just late after getting Bad Ending when on my first try, but what had excited me more than Totori finding the truth about her mum was beating that Flauschtraut beast the first time.

But of course, Character Ending -wise I couldn’t get enough! There’s so much to discover, and it’s like getting to know the characters personally.

I have to say, though, that out of saving the Workshop (Rorona), and getting the population of the country up (Meruru), Totori’s search sounds the most “epic”.

Characters 8/10

There were a lot of characters brought from Rorona, but a few new characters were introduced. Oh, did I mention that through Totori I found my first bias? Well, now you know. I kind of, fell in love with Gino. He’s so cute, carefree and amusing.

I think I mentioned earlier that I love the character designs. And I think I also said that they mirror the personalities. I still think so. For example, this freakishly strong Melvia doesn’t have the warmest clothes, and not a lot of armor, but she herself says that thanks to it, she can any second jump into the water if she needs to, meaning that her “armor” is convenient to her.

Music 10/10

I wish I wouldn’t need to explain this one, since I don’t know how to express how amazing the music is, but it simply is marvelous~ It’s addicting and there’s a lot to listen to. There are flutes and guitars and other adorably played instruments, and the style varies a lot.

Oh how I love Atelier Totori.